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Before And After Root Canal Crown

An image showcasing a damaged tooth with decayed enamel, contrasted with a pristine tooth after a root canal crown procedure

Before and after a root canal, the tantalizing topic of dental crowns comes into play. Ah, the wonders of modern dentistry! But what exactly are these mystical crowns, you may ask? Well, fear not, my curious companions, for I am here to enlighten you. Root canal crowns are like the majestic guardians that protect your … Read more

The Best Guide For Baby Root Canal And Its Dangers

An image featuring a close-up of a baby's mouth, showcasing a tiny dental drill cautiously approaching a milk tooth

Hey there, parents! So, your little one needs a baby root canal, huh? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with the best guide to help you navigate through this dental adventure. Trust me, I’ve been there. Now, let’s get real – a baby root canal may sound scary, but it’s actually a lifesaver for those … Read more

How Long Does Numbness Last After Root Canal?

An image depicting a patient's face with a serene expression, showcasing a subtle fading of numbness in the area surrounding the treated tooth, suggesting the gradual return of sensation after a root canal procedure

Hey there! Have you recently had a root canal and are wondering how long the numbness will last? Well, you’ve come to the right place! As someone who has been through this procedure myself, I understand the curiosity and concern that can arise. So, let’s dive right in. The duration of numbness after a root … Read more

Why Wait Two Weeks After Roo Canal For Crown

An image showcasing the intricate process of a root canal treatment followed by a crown installation

Hey there, dental enthusiasts! Did you know that after a root canal procedure, you have to wait for two whole weeks before getting a crown? I know, it sounds like an eternity, but fear not! There’s actually a method to this madness. Now, here’s a mind-blowing statistic for you: Did you know that over 15 … Read more

Care After Root Canal

An image featuring a patient reclining in a comfortable dental chair, with a skilled dentist gently examining their mouth, using specialized tools to provide meticulous care after a root canal

Hey there, fellow root canal survivors! So, you’ve just had a root canal procedure and now you’re wondering what’s next? Well, let me tell you, the care you give to your newly treated tooth is absolutely crucial. It’s like having a little plant that needs some extra love and attention to thrive. Trust me, I’ve … Read more

3 best benefits of Apricots

Best benefits of Apricots

3 best benefits of Apricots: Apricots, often considered magical fruit, belong to the stone fruit family. A fresh apricot has a different and unique flavor associated with it. Apricots have a long list of health benefits. Still, if you have been thinking about trying them then we think you should know about the 3 best … Read more

3 Best things to eat to gain weight fast


3 Best things to eat to gain weight fast: Weight is something we all are always concerned about. Whether you need to gain weight or lose weight the food you eat plays the most important role in the process. If you want to gain weight and still do not know what to eat then you … Read more

5 Best Ways to limit your sugar intake

5 best ways to limit the sugar intake of your body

5 Best Ways to limit your sugar intake: If all those scrumptious sweets and tasty cakes we eat did not cause a risk of diabetes, life would have been easier. Sadly that is not the case, if we take sugar more then the risk of being diagnosed with diabetes increases. So in the modern world, it … Read more

Top 5 healthy food for winters to maintain Good Health

Top 5 healthy food for winters to maintain Good Health

Top 5 healthy food for winters to maintain Good Health: Winters have almost arrived and with Halloween, Christmas, and Diwali around the corner this season brings a lot of treats that may not always help us stay healthy and fit. So if you want to know about some best foods you can have in winter to … Read more