Top 5 healthy food for winters to maintain Good Health

Top 5 healthy food for winters to maintain Good Health: Winters have almost arrived and with Halloween, Christmas, and Diwali around the corner this season brings a lot of treats that may not always help us stay healthy and fit. So if you want to know about some best foods you can have in winter to maintain good health then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you how you can enjoy the season of festivities while being healthy and fit. So let’s get started on the Top 5 healthy food for winters to maintain Good Health.

Top 5 healthy food for winters to maintain Good Health:

When we hear winter all we can think of is Apple puddings, Gajar ka halwa, hot chocolate, and warm milk with almonds. These food are healthy but winters offer you a lot more than this. To stay fit and healthy in winter you need to consume foods that are efficient in providing heat to your body. The health of a person in winter will highly depend on the amount of heat providing food one consumes.

Here is the list of the top 5 food that will give your body enough heat to spend a winter night comfortably-

5 healthy food for winters to maintain Good Health-

Healthiest winter foods- want Tat to eat when feeling cold

  • Sweet Potatoes

    While sweet potatoes contain more starch than regular potatoes, they’re full of important nutrients like fiber, vitamin A, and potassium. Sweet potatoes are known to assist with boosting immunity, cure constipation, and reduce inflammation. This is one of the best healthy food for winter to maintain good health as it is readily available and very easy to cook too.

Top 5 healthy food for winters to maintain Good Health

  • Oats

    More than being just a comfortable breakfast food, oats contain nutrients that are important for the winter, like zinc which boosts immunity, and soluble fibers which are important for a healthy heart, better digestion, and bowel movements. Winters make us more vulnerable to constipation due to reduced water intake, so a warm oat porridge shall help relieve or prevent this!

  • Turnips

    This starchy vegetable is a superb source of antioxidants which reduces the risk of cancer. it’s vitamin K and its leaves contain vitamin A. Eating turnips and their leaves will improve heart health, strengthens your bones, and helps with digestion.

  • Dates

    Dates are rich sources of iron, protein, calcium, and many other vitamins which are essential to maintain good health and immunity. As winters are infamous for a variety of illnesses, adding dates to your daily routine will surely help!

  • Nuts

    Almonds and walnuts are the simplest winter foods that will keep your nervous system healthy during the winter, boosts insulin sensitivity, and promotes a healthy heart thanks to the high content of vitamin E and omega fats.

Why do you need that provides warmth and keeps you healthy in Winter?

Our body’s physiology is such that during winter when the outside temperature is colder than our internal body temperature our body shivers. Shivering helps to generate in the body which compensates for the cold weather. These heat-rich foods which help us to stay warm and healthy benefit our body greatly as they passively give our body the warmth it needs by assimilating in our digestive tract. If you ever wonder what to eat when feeling cold then the food items mentioned in the article is your answer to the question.

Apart from this, you need to avoid food in winter season that cools your body. The fruits to eat in winter are the one that meets the energy requirements of your body like oranges, Guava, and apples.

How does the food that provides warmth maintain your health in winters?

In general terms, the food which is easily digested by the body does not generate much heat in the body as the enzymes can easily break them into smaller forms and they can be assimilated in the cells. On the other hand, food that takes a long time to digest helps the body to raise the internal temperature an example of such food is Oats and red meat (red meat takes a long time to digest and produces enormous heat in the body). The medical term that is used to describe this phenomenon of generating heat through the digestion of food is called Thermogenesis. Many sources of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are complex and take more time to digest.

So your Top 5 healthy food for winters to maintain good health should consist of food that allows thermogenesis in the body and helps you to keep your body warm for longer durations.


The food items which you should consume in winter should provide heat to your body through thermogenesis. Apart from the food items mentioned in the article, you can consume eggs and red meat which take longer time to digest and provide enough heat to the body through thermogenesis. Food items like oats and sweet potatoes are easy to consume and provide a lot of heat. The food items mentioned in the article should cover your needs for the winter as they are the Top 5 healthy food for winters to maintain good health.

Do read the article Top 5 healthy food for winters to maintain Good Health again to check if you missed something.





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