5 Best Ways to limit your sugar intake

5 Best Ways to limit your sugar intake: If all those scrumptious sweets and tasty cakes we eat did not cause a risk of diabetes, life would have been easier. Sadly that is not the case, if we take sugar more then the risk of being diagnosed with diabetes increases. So in the modern world, it is very important for us to keep our sugar intake under control and try to keep our sugar levels normal.

So if you have been thinking about limiting your sugar intake then you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the 5 Best Ways to limit your sugar intake so that you can continue leading a healthy lifestyle without worrying about your blood glucose level. So let us start and look at the 5 Best Ways to limit your sugar intake.

5 Best Ways to limit your sugar intake-

If cutting back your regular sugar intake were easy then everyone would be doing it already and that too easily. Unfortunately, it is very hard to control your sugar consumption and even harder to find out the sources from where you need to limit the sugar entering your body. You do not need to worry because we will unveil the secrets of reducing sugar from your daily diet which will help you to maintain better health. So here are the 5 Best Ways to limit your sugar intake-

1. Try adding milk to your Coffee rather than sugar

Sometimes our morning coffee tastes way too bitter and we retreat to sugar to save our coffee. Instead of adding sugar, you can try adding milk and spices to your coffee to cut off the bitterness. We would personally recommend adding cinnamon to reduce the bitterness also it enhances the flavors of the coffee. Milk adds some creaminess to the coffee and would be a great alternative to sugar.

Adding milk is one of the best way to limit the sugar intake of your body

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2. Always avoid flavored yogurts

Flavored yogurts are great tasty bombs that create a flavorful explosion in our mouths. But apart from being flavor bombs, they are also sugar bombs.  Flavored yogurts use artificial sweeteners that have a lot of adverse effects on your health so they should be avoided whenever possible. Normal yogurts can be mixed with salt and cumin powder to make them a bit spicy and salty which tastes surprisingly good. Moreover, yogurts can be consumed without any flavors too, they are extremely nutritious and beneficial to our digestive system.

Avoid flavored yogurt to limikt the sugar intake of your body

3. Choose a low-sugar bread

We all love slices of bread for breakfast or brunch but if you aim to reduce your sugar intake then you have to be careful about the bread you eat. Regular white bread is sugar rich and delivers more sugar to your body than you can probably imagine. Instead of consuming white bread, you can try purchasing whole grain bread or any regular brown bread which has a relatively low sugar content and is also nutritionally better.

Low sugar bread are healthier

4. Dress your desserts with fruits and not syrups

Desserts become more savory if we top them with sugar syrups or other artificially sweetened syrups right? But by doing so we also consume additional sugar which can otherwise be avoided. Sugar syrups can be replaced by fresh fruits or dry fruits which will not only enhance the texture and taste of the dessert but will also help you to reduce the sugar intake of your body.

Sugar syrups should be avoided

5. Dark chocolate may lighten your sugar dose

If you love chocolates and cannot afford to stop eating them despite trying to lower your sugar intake then dark chocolate is for you. Dark chocolate has nearly half as much sugar as milk chocolate. Dark chocolate also has a much richer taste and contains fibers that are required by the body. Dark chocolate is the best substitute for your regular milk chocolate. So the next time when you scout the supermarket for chocolate try to visit the dark chocolate section.

Using dark chcolate is among the 5 Best Ways to limit your sugar intake



We all have a sweet side reserved in us for sugar but this also may be harmful to us in the long run. In this article, we have talked about the 5 Best Ways to limit your sugar intake. The best thing about these ways is that you can easily implement these ways in your life and thus limit the incoming sugar in your body.

Sugar enters your body in a lot of hidden ways and we tried to identify some of the most common sources of it. So now that you know the 5 Best Ways to limit your sugar intake, try to implement these and see the difference in your life. So that was all about the 5 Best Ways to limit your sugar intake.

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