Can A Regular Dentist Do A Root Canal? Who will Save Your tooth? (Updated) (2023)

Can A Regular Dentist Do A Root Canal?

Picture this: You’re sitting in a dentist’s chair, sweat dripping down your brow. The words ‘root canal’ echo through the room like a horror movie soundtrack. It’s enough to make even the bravest among us break out in a cold sweat.

But fear not! You don’t have to venture into the depths of dental despair alone. In fact, your trusty regular dentist may just be your knight in shining scrubs, ready to tackle that root canal with precision and skill. Yes, you heard right! Contrary to popular belief, a regular dentist is more than capable of performing this dreaded procedure.

With their expertise and training, they can navigate those intricate root canals like a skilled sailor on stormy seas. So sit back, relax (as much as one can in a dentist’s chair), and let your regular dentist work their magic as they save you from toothy torment. Freedom from pain is just around the corner!

Qualifications and Training of General Dentists-

You might be wondering, ‘Can a regular dentist do a root canal?’ Well, let me tell you that your trusted dentist is more than capable of handling this procedure with expertise and care.

General dentists are qualified and trained to perform root canals, so you can rest assured knowing that they have the skills necessary for the job. However, it’s important to note that there may be limitations when it comes to complex cases or unusual root structures.

But hey, don’t worry! Your regular dentist will always know when to refer you to an endodontist who specializes in these tricky situations.

So sit back, relax, and let your dental superhero take care of that pesky root canal for you!

General Dentists’ Experience in Root Canal Treatments

Experienced general dentists have successfully tackled tricky cases involving the nitty-gritty of tooth troubles. Take Dr. Smith, for example. This dental wizard skillfully salvaged a patient’s mangled tooth, sparing them from the dreaded extraction chamber. With their expert touch, they removed infected tissue and restored functionality like a dental superhero!

But you might be wondering, what about success rates? Well, let me tell you, general dentists have been hitting it out of the park when it comes to root canals. Patients are singing their praises with satisfaction levels through the roof! These talented tooth whisperers know just how to navigate those narrow roots and clear out any pesky infections.

So fear not, my freedom-loving friends! Your regular dentist is armed with the skills and experience needed to conquer even the trickiest of root canals. Trust them to save your teeth and keep that smile shining bright!

Benefits of Having a Root Canal by a General Dentist

So you’ve got a tooth that needs a little extra attention, huh? Well, lucky for you, having a root canal done by a general dentist has its perks!

First off, let’s talk about convenience and accessibility. General dentists are everywhere, like those pesky pigeons in the park – you can find them on practically every corner. So when it comes to getting that root canal taken care of, you won’t have to travel far or wait long for an appointment.

Now let’s get down to business and talk about everyone’s favorite topic – money. Having a root canal done by a general dentist is not only convenient but also cost-effective. You see, these dental superheroes know how to work their magic while keeping your wallet happy. So instead of shelling out big bucks at some fancy specialist’s office, you can save some dough and still get top-notch treatment from your trusty neighborhood dentist. Also, root canal is different from a cavity as well as from an implant.

Getting a root canal by a general dentist is like having your cake and eating it too (minus the pain). It’s convenient because they’re everywhere, and it won’t break the bank either. So sit back, relax (as much as one can during a dental procedure), and let your general dentist work their magic on that troublesome tooth of yours.

Convenience and Accessibility

Conveniently, a regular dentist can perform a root canal procedure, providing you with easy access to specialized equipment and saving you the hassle of finding an endodontist. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to spend their precious time searching for another dental professional when your regular dentist can handle the job just fine. Plus, who needs the potential risks and complications that come with going to someone else? Stay in control and let your trusted dentist take care of you.

Need more convincing? Here are three reasons why having a root canal by your general dentist is the way to go:

  • 1. One-stop shop: Your regular dentist knows your dental history inside out, making it easier to tailor the treatment specifically for you.
  • 2. Familiarity breeds comfort: Having a familiar face working on your teeth eliminates any unnecessary anxiety or stress.
  • 3. Time is money: Going to different specialists means more appointments and more time wasted. Stick with your regular dentist and save yourself some valuable minutes.

Now that’s what I call true freedom!


With a general dentist, you’ll save money while still receiving quality care for your dental needs. Who doesn’t love saving some cash? Let’s face it, root canals aren’t exactly cheap. But fear not, my friend! Regular dentists are often skilled enough to perform this procedure, and it won’t cost you an arm and a tooth (pun intended). In fact, opting for a regular dentist instead of a specialist can be one of those cost-saving alternatives that make your wallet smile. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this nifty table below that compares the average costs of root canals performed by general dentists versus endodontists:

General Dentist Endodontist
Average Cost $900-$1,500 $1,000-$2,000
Success Rate 90%-95% 95%-99%

See? You’re getting quality treatment with impressive success rates while keeping your hard-earned cash where it belongs – in your pocket! So why spend more when you can have the same great results with a regular dentist? It’s time to free yourself from unnecessary expenses and give your teeth the care they deserve without breaking the bank.

Cases Where Referral to an Endodontist is Recommended

If you’re experiencing complex or challenging root canal cases, it may be best to seek a referral to an endodontist. These tooth wizards have some serious advantages up their sleeves that your regular dentist might not possess. Here are three reasons why you should consider seeing an endodontist:

1. Expertise: Endodontists specialize in root canals and have advanced training in saving teeth. They know all the ins and outs of those tiny little canals and can navigate them with finesse.

2. Advanced Technology: Endodontists have access to cutting-edge technology that allows for more accurate diagnosis and precise treatment. Say goodbye to guesswork!

3. Complex Cases: If your case is particularly tricky or if previous treatments haven’t been successful, seeking a second opinion from an endodontist could be a game-changer. A root canal on the front tooth or wisdom tooth should be performed by an endodontist.

So, don’t hesitate to explore all your options when it comes to root canals – after all, freedom is the name of the game!

Tips for Choosing a Dentist for Root Canal Treatment-

When it comes to choosing a dentist for your root canal treatment, remember that finding the right professional is crucial for ensuring successful outcomes and preserving your oral health. Did you know that studies have shown that patients who carefully select their endodontist are more likely to experience positive long-term results?

So, how do you choose the right dentist for your root canal adventure? Well, first things first, make sure they have specialized training in endodontics. You don’t want someone poking around in your mouth without knowing what they’re doing! Look for dentists who have completed additional education in this field. They should be like superheroes with their knowledge and skills.

And hey, don’t be afraid to ask questions or get second opinions! Your mouth deserves the best of the best when it comes to root canals.


What is the success rate of root canal treatments performed by general dentists?

Root canal success rates vary, but general dentists are proficient at performing them. They have the skills and expertise needed to ensure a successful outcome. So, rest easy knowing that your regular dentist can handle it like a pro!

Are there any potential risks or complications associated with getting a root canal done by a general dentist?

While a general dentist can perform a root canal, it’s important to know the potential complications and risks associated. However, don’t worry! With their expertise, they’ll navigate those murky dental waters like a pro.

Can a general dentist provide sedation or anesthesia during a root canal procedure?

Absolutely! Sedation options during a root canal are available from general dentists. The benefits of sedation include relaxation, pain relief, and a stress-free experience. Sit back, relax, and let the dentist work their magic!

How long does a typical root canal treatment performed by a general dentist take?

Looking to save time and money on a root canal? Well, buckle up! On average, a root canal treatment by a general dentist takes about 90 minutes. That’s quicker than catching your favorite sitcom! And the best part? It won’t break the bank!

Can a general dentist handle complex or difficult root canal cases, or are they better suited for simple cases?

General dentists are well-equipped to handle both simple and complex root canal cases. With their expertise, they can tackle any dental challenge that comes their way, leaving you with a smile as bright as your newfound freedom. 


So there you have it! Now you know that yes, a regular dentist can indeed do a root canal. They may not be an endodontist, but they are still qualified and trained to perform this procedure.

In fact, did you know that approximately 90% of root canals are done by general dentists? That’s right, the majority of these treatments are being successfully carried out by your friendly neighborhood dentist.

So next time you need a root canal, don’t hesitate to trust your dentist – they’ve got it under control!

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